Welcome to the trusts website. 
We hope you will find your visit informative and that you will gain an understanding as to who we are and what we are about.

The Trust was formed by a group of individuals who shared an interest in choral music and were concerned for the future of this particular genre. The Trust has the express aim of promoting choral and musical performance.

Being a totally separate legal entity, all donations made to the Trust are exclusively for the purpose of funding awards and tuition costs of choral scholars. The awards may be offered in partnership with Swansea University and St Mary’s Church, but the donations to the Trust do not directly benefit either partner.

In its encouragement of choral music, the Trust works closely in partnership with Swansea University and the Parish of St Mary’s, Swansea including its Director of Music, Dr William Reynolds, regarding educational projects. The governance of the Trust, however, remains wholly independent of the Parish of St Mary’s, Swansea and of Swansea University. The Trust is a separate legal entity. 

The Trust is a registered charity regulated by the Charity Commission, number 1160907.

Throughout the website, you will see references to short performances of choral music. These offer examples of such music and performances as the Trust seeks to promote and protect. Press the forward arrows to hear each piece in turn. We hope you will find your listening rewarding.

Charles Stanford – The Blue Bird