The principal aim of the Trust to date has been to promote choral and musical performance in Swansea. The Trust has sought to achieve this by participating jointly with Swansea University and Swansea St Mary’s in the granting of awards to choral scholars. Each award is worth £1,000. To qualify for the award, the scholar is required to attend “one to one” tuition provided by a qualified music coach and to participate fully in the regular choral events at Swansea St Mary’s and at Swansea University.

In this joint partnership, the University has committed to 50% funding of up to six scholars. To date, Swansea St Mary’s and the Trust have equally match-funded four scholars. For 2021/2022, it is the Trust’s immediate objective to match-fund the further two scholars to complement fully the University’s commitment. Furthermore, the Trust will continue to contribute 50% of the vocal tuition costs for each scholar. 

Ultimately we seek to achieve, as a Trust initiative or in further partnership with the University, a total of 8 scholars, forming a balanced mixed-voice ensemble to support, more effectively, choral activity at Swansea St Mary’s and at Swansea University. Such an ensemble could also perform independently, enhancing and expanding their experience and in so doing make a greater contribution to the experience of the public. 

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